Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Story..

This is a story of a prince and a princess..

Once upon a time.. there was a princess.. named.. Princess Sophie Kristen.. she fell in love with a.. monkey.. after going through all sorts of challenges.. they kissed.. and.. ta da!! the monkey became the prince.. his name is.. Prince Merlyn Kenniston..

They lived happily.. but not yet ever after.. not yet..

They lived in a small house.. A house where they thought it shall be their sweet little palace forever ever after.. Although they faced a lot of obstacles staying together in the little house.. they were happy.. the house was comfortable.. the piglets.. and the birds.. and the naughty monkeys.. were nice and friendly.. although they were not very clean.. but one day.. A fat ugly looking wolf in red hat.. has destroyed their sweet little house.. the birds fly away.. the monkey moved to other place.. and the piglets.. leave the sweet little house.. left the prince and princess..

The Prince and the Princess had no choice.. but to look for another sweet little house.. they wish..

... to be continue

My closest friends in the world..

I miss them always.. hehe.. they are the most important person in my life!! shh.. i didnt tell them about this..! hehe..

Friday, June 19, 2009

4th Day of Work

Today's friday, 19th June 2009. It's my 4th day of work.. How do i feel? hmm.. I feel.. complicated, frustrated, confused, happy, sad, suffer, blur and etc etc. Mixed feeling i can say.. It's really tiring remembering this process, that process, approvals by who and who, do and dons.. Aiks!! Lucky Ah Dear keeps on be patient with me and motivates me throughout the week. Thank you Dear!!

Its really difficult to begin a life in IBM because I have to get new friends, get used to the new working environment as well as the new staying environment.. time to work! Alrighto! Jia You SK!! Go go go!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miss miss miss!!!

I miss them so much!!! MISS MISS MISS!!! I miss them a lot!! hmm.. Crazy me..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I miss my family already!

2009/06/13, I moved to Pelangi Utama, Bandar Utama, Damansara, to begin another step of my life. I have to go through many challenges this time: the challenge of living away from my family, the challenge of communicate with house mates (this is the very first time!), the challenge of getting around with colleagues, challenge of getting used with my work, etc etc.

I know this choice of working in KL is always my dream, to live without my parents' help is always what i want, to let my brothers independent is what i must, and letting go is a necessity in my life. But, now, at this moment, i really miss my family so much! Exspecially ah Zun! A week before i came to KL, Zun had been sticking with me all the time! Even when sleeping! He told me that I'm goin to KL soon so he want spend every single minute with me even when sleeping so i let him sleep with me for that week. Hmm.. When i woke up just now, and i didnt saw his face, i cried.. I MISS HIM SO DAMN MUCH!Though he is feaking naughty, but he listens to me so well. He dun listen to my parents, my elder brother, but he do listens to me! I'm very worry that he'll become bad when he gets older coz no one talk to him or observe him. hmm.. Daddy mommy i really hope u two take good care of my brothers. Hmm.. i miss them so much!

I really cried a lot already. I dont want to be a stupid lady who only knows to cry! I must be strong! I must get over everything! I must earn enough money, go back my hometown, open a cafe, and be with my family again..! Yeah.. Tat's my dream! My bf told me that he want to move to KL forever. But I dont. I did told him before that i will not stay forever in KL. Not what i want. But he told me ytd that he want to stay KL forever. I can't leave my family behind. If i have to choose, family first! So i'll stick with my plan, earn money now, do business in Melaka later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm graduating!!

Wow! Oh me god! its been almost a year since i update my blog! Actually i did open my blog and check the comments from time to time, just that too bz and lazy to update my blog..

What am i so bz for? hmm.. Good question! After my industrial training, i went bac Melaka, my precious hometown and move on in my last semester of studies.. During the 6 mths stay in Melaka, chaos happens in my house. The truth was reveiled and at first 3 of us (the siblings and me) were totally not used to it! I myself 100% cannot get used to it. I was emotionally brokedown! Luckily i got an understanding and caring darling beside me at this very time. If i have to face it alone, i think i'll be depressed!

However, time flies, and i'm getting over this emotinal breakdown pretty well now. My family is getting over the chaos pretty well too! At times, i were wondering, is it because i'm leaving them in 2 days time o they really do get over it? Mommy especially i'm worry about, and Tao. Plz.. Plz love yourself and your family.. I dun wan to pray to god.. coz mostly wat i pray will always happens in the opposite way.. But plz.. Live lif
e to the max and appreciates what you got now!

Anyway, that's not the only thing that i was bz during the 6 mths time. Second thing that kepts me bz was my darling dear! Ever since i got into this relationship with him, I've been so bz every weekend~We spend most of the time together during weekends because he only bac from his college during weekend. I'm~~ not so sure whether he's the one, but to be frank, he is a very good person. Compare to the previous ones! And we sacrificed for each other and love each other very much. I dun dare to talk about happily ever after, but i am very happy with him NOW. About future, let the FUTURE ME handle bout tat.. Though he got one weakness, which is very emotional! But i'll get over it.. haha.. God bless him! This is him!

I love his smile.. Very cheerful!

Well, you must be curious about where the hell am i goin in 2 days time? Haha.. Not very far.. Just goin over KL to begin my OL life! I'm commencing my employment in IBM Damansara next tuesday! It a good news rite? But i heard lots of rumors that workin there sux! Is it real? Well i'll ya next week! haha..

Wokie dokie.. Its time to send my car to check.. (so that i will not get involved in accident on the way to KL.. I dun wan die b4 i can repay my parents!) Gotta go.. Adios!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fucking Politicians

Why? I dun understand! Seriously dun understand even a tiny little bit on what the heck is in their fk mind! Ever since i'm here in Selangor or some said KL, all i'd been hearing in the daily news are regarding MR AI wanna take over the damn bloody power to control Malaysia. Isnt there more things that were much much much much more important in this world other than fightin on who's got the controlling poower over this small country?? Frankly speaking i dont really giv a damn on who's our leader. I'm more concern on global warming, taking care of the handicapped, donating to the poor among the poors.

When everyone araound me bz commenting on the current government, i saw plenty of beggars in the street. But no one there helping them! I tried once, in pasar malam, giving each beggar RM 1, guess how much i donated?! Bugger!!! Isn't this an issue worth discussing for other than politics??!

Malaysia economy. Fucker it was freaking damn poor now. Look at our currency RM. LOOOOK! How much does it worth now? How much can we exchange our RM to pounds? ACCA fees RM 700+, but 50 over pounds only. SO SAD!!! My dear boyfriend exchange RM with pounds to pay for his exam fees. When i look the the amount of pounds he exchanged, oh me god~~~ So few only?! Isn't this a topic worth discussing for?

Malaysia weather. Even worst!!! Malaysia global warming is getting worst and worst over these days. It can be very very hot and too sunny in the morning, but raining heavily iin the evening. Did we had this kind of weather 10 yrs ago?! NO! Isn't this an issue worth discussing for? But look what we Malaysian did?! We always complain and complain about how failling our government is. I got no right to comment on whether is this true o not. But since we have this energy to complain, protest, discriminate and fight, why don't we spend our bloody time to take care of this illing world and economy???

I'm really sick with those people who keeps on commenting but never act!!! So pleeease god, can you plzzzz change these people's mind and guide them to live happily???

Oh my god... what happen to this world???!

Final Exams Studies

Final Exams Studies
This is what me and bro call STUDY SMART!